On-site Screening
On-Site Screenings

Midland Health has been supporting employee health through on-site screening since 2003. Through our experience, we understand that the first step in developing an effective wellness program is to understand the health status and risks of your employee population. Through our on-site screening, we are able to obtain that information and create a customized program based on the results of the screening....

Right Fit Reporting
Right Fit Reporting

Once the on-site screening and other assessments have been completed, we compile the data to create a report to share. We are dedicated to providing as many options as possible at all points along the process so that you are able to customize a plan to best fit your needs.

There are three reporting options:

  • Learn Your Levels
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Opt-out
Lifestyle Portal
HRA & Lifestyle Portal

We offer the Personal Wellness Profile (PWP Advantage) as our Health Risk Assessment tool. PWP Advantage combines the data driven results from the on-sute screening with the results from a supplemental Lifestyle Questionnaire to create a robust health assessment report.

Our Lifestyle Portal helps you and your employees live a healthy lifestyle by providing the resources to get started on the road to wellness.

The Wellsuite...

On-Site ScreeningsOn-site Screening
Right Fit ReportingRight Fit Reporting
HRA & Lifestyle PortalLifestyle Portal

Measurable Wellness Programs

Midland Health specializes in providing on-site screenings using biometric tests for businesses with diverse employee populations in multiple locations. Our ability to be on-site – everywhere, coupled with our proprietary data collection system, MoxieMetrics, ensures that test results are delivered quickly and accurately. Our extensive knowledge in preventive health and desire to unlock the keys to motivate employees towards increased wellness have led us to continual advancements in service delivery, testing protocols, proprietary software and incentive program delivery.


The wellness programs offered by Midland Health are customized to your needs and designed to drive employee engagement, we know that one size does not fit all. We take the time to understand your business and help you decide what programs will be the most helpful, building a culture of wellness takes time.